We're Having a.......


GIRL!!! Woohoo! We're so excited about it. Emma is going to love it!


Emma was going to be a Lion for Halloween. We were in the Halloween section of Walmart and she kept picking up all the Tinkerbell Costumes. On the Make it and Love it blog she had a tutorial for a tinkerbell costume. I took her idea and added a few of my own. It ended up working really well and it only took me a little over an hour to put together. Emma loved it!

Cousin Mylee and Emma. We love that Beau, Shantel, and Mylee live so close to us now. Emma loves Mylee so much. They had so much fun playing in their costumes together.

Kiley and John came to visit and we had a lot of fun.

Dan with his cupcake lipstick.

Kiley is such a good aunt. She and John spoiled the girls with all kinds of fun stuff. They loved the fart noise makers the most. Random!

Emma really likes John. It was really sweet.



emma's 2 year photo's

I woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep. I layed there for an hour and a half and then decided it was time to get up and do something productive. So here are a few of Em's 2 year pictures I took yesterday.

In this picture her hair kind of looks a little 80's

I love my little Em, she is such a sweetheart!



can you bake a cherry pie?

Sunday was my amazing hubby's 27th birthday. Danny truly is my best friend and I'm so thankful he chose me. I'm so proud of his accomplishments. He impresses me every single day! I'm thankful for the relationship he has with his Heavenly Father. He's such an amazing example to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND I LOVE YOU BUD!
So for Danny's B-day he asked me to bake him a cherry pie. He loves my mom's cherry pie recipe. I was kind of nervous because I've only made 2 pies in our 4 and a half year marriage. When I was done it ended up looking beautiful, but I was so scared of how it would taste. After eating a few bites I realized I did a pretty dang good job (not to brag or anything :) ). Daniel told me many times that he loved it and that it tasted just like my mom's. We ate it so fast I never ended up getting a picture of how perfect it looked. BUMBED, but that's ok. Here is a picture of the empty pie plate showing that we literally did eat it that fast!

So today I decided to put curlers in Emma's hair for pictures. I didn't realize I put them in right before her nap. I felt bad because I remember as a little girl how uncomfortable they are to sleep in. I just crossed my fingers she wouldn't pull them out. After she'd been asleep a while I went in to check the curlers and this is what I found....

Poor thing! I'm just glad she found a way to sleep. It made me nervous when I first came in the room, but she was breathing just fine, so I left her alone. The funny thing is the curlers will be in perfect shape when she wakes up.

So on with our couch story. So we've been watching D.I. and craigslist for 2 months waiting to get a couch. We've been sitting on camp chairs for 2 months. Everything we've found has been either really yucky or way toooo expensive. The sad part is even the really yucky stuff is really expensive, at least a $100. (I miss cheap couches in Rexburg) Anyway so we saw that RC WIlley was having a good sale and so we decided that we should go ahead and just buy a cheap couch. We found a couch we loved and it was 40% off so we ordered it. The picture looked grey with a little green in it and the lady on the phone even said it only had a little green in it. So we got the couch and it ended up being GREEN! and I mean REALLY GREEN! Green is my favorite color, but it was so green I wasn't sure what i was going to do. So RCWilley gave us 14 days to make up our minds if we like it or not. We both love how big and comfy it is. I tried to make it work but It's just tooo green. We need something neutral colored. So it's going back Saturday and we are back to square one. Here's a picture of the couch we got from RC Willey. When I took the picture it didn't even really bring up the green. I guess I can understand why RC Willey's Online picture didn't even look green. Kind of funny. I'm so tired of sitting on fold out chairs.



worst blogger ever and SURPRISE

So I've become the worst blogger ever, but I have a good excuse. WE'RE PREGNANT! We've already told almost everyone, but SURPRISE to anyone we haven't seen in the last few months. I've been sick, but I'm still alive. We are almost 13 weeks along and so excited for baby #2. I'm in Nevada, visiting fam and we forgot our camera so no pictures until we get back to Twin. (I can't believe I forgot my camera!) Anyway that's our exciting news!


the craziness of this last week

monday and tuesday Dan was at Grad school in Twin Falls.
Wednesday we celebrated EMMA's 2nd Birthday! (WOOHOO), grandma and grandpa Jardine came to visit, and we went to a social work graduation party celebration.
Thursday Dan Graduated. (YAY) I'm so proud of him! He's going to make an amazing Social Worker!
Friday we moved to twin falls, with help from many many good people. Thanks especially to grandpa, grandma and Jordan Womack. I was sick all Friday and couldn't help much, I felt terrible.
Saturday we started unpacking.
Sunday we went to our new family ward. (WHICH WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALREADY) Grandma and Grandpa Left and We are missing them already!!!
Today we are tired and slept until noon.
Here are some pictures of our long week!

Some people boycotted graduation because we didn't have an Apostle, but we love Bishop Edgley!

Dan's Social Work Buddies

Emma is already missing her "louise" aka swing. She asks for it every day!

our HAPPY 2 year old!

She loved every minute of her birthday! especially because grandma and grandpa were here!


You'd never know

My husband is a husband :), father, bachelors student, Masters student, has a part time job, 20 hour a week internship and the best moving packer I've ever seen. Every time I think about all the things he is doing I just want to cry for him, but to him it's like he has all the time in the world. Every minute he's home he's so optimistic and happy you'd NEVER know he is as busy as he is. My favorite thing about Dan is his constant energy and spontaneity. Nothing truly gets him down, EVER!!! I'm SO IMPRESSED with him right now and I thought I would brag a little about my husband today. We've been so busy that I barely have time to do a blog post, but I couldn't help but be so grateful for MY Danny!!!!

here's my Danny brag list
Smart Smart Smart - always at the top of his classes, well, except for statistics, but I think he needs at least one imperfection
humble- never brags about himself and always so modest (he's spectacular at EVERYTHING)
VERY talented- he reminds me of my dad, brother and father-in-law. They're all so good at any sport you give them
LOVES life- he loves to be active and wants to enjoy life to its fullest
hard working- he loves playing around, but does anything he can to take care of our family
SOOO close to his Heavenly Father!!!! A great example to me!
Compliments- He 's so good at complimenting others, he doesn't miss a thing
Stubborn but quick to humility
So giving- every time he goes shooting he pays for shells for everyone and shells aren't cheap
THE SHOOTING GUY! His passion other than family and the gospel is Shooting. He loves shooting and if we could afford the shells he would be out there everyday. he's also such a good shot. I rarely go shooting with dan, but I don't think I've ever seen him lose a shooting contest.



out to play

Our outings are the best part of our day. Emma's happy, which makes me happy and Emma usually stays happy all day!

heading towards the swings

checking out the swing

still checking out the swing! I love her hand how it is siting on the swing

I guess the swing is better to look at than to play on.


Memorial Day

We had lots of fun during Memorial weekend. Here are a few pictures from the weekend!
A few of the pictures turned out blurry. This picture is kind of grainy! I'm not sure what happened! Oops!!!
When emma tells me she wants to swing it sounds like she is saying Louise! It's really funny! I had the hardest time figuring it out!

Em loves laying back when she swings! Sometimes she gets so far back it scares me. I'm surprised it doesn't scare her!

Blurry, but SO CUTE!

Don't ask me what I'm doing in this picture! A LITTLE BIT WEIRD!!!! I know! I only used it because emma is so cute in it!

CUTE HAT AND SUNGLASSES! She loves wearing these 2 items. CRAZY! She will keep them on for hours!