We accidently left the fridge open and Emma got into the pineapple. The taste of pineapple surprised her a little, but now she loves it!!!

Random Funny Pictures of Emma



Em got to go on her first camping trip. We went to Warm River, but it definitely wasn't WARM! We had a lot of fun with our friends Nathan and Nicole. The best part of the trip was getting there at 10 at night in the rain and finding out our tent was a summer tent. The whole back side of the tent was a screen with no cover. Luckily the rain fly covered it ok! It was cold, but we were so glad our sleeping bags go to 0 degrees!!! It was a ward campout and everyone made jokes about how big our tent was and that everyone in the ward could fit in it. Nicole kept saying that they should just put their tent in our tent. I was afraid of the bears so I had to pretty much force Dan to bring his guns-haha (YEAH RIGHT ) We also found out some interesting facts about the Targhee National Park. There are monkeys in the forest that eat banana peels! Oh and if you ever need to know anything about monkeys you just need to ask our friends Nathan and Nicole :) haha

Nathan and Nicole (our friends that we think only hang out w/ us because of emma) haha j/k

eMmA went to her first concert -Beatle impersonators (it was so Fun!)

daniel, hanna and Brin came to visit -Brinley tried to put a diaper on Em. (It was a lot of fun having them here!)