aM I rEmemBeRablE? is RemEmbErablE even a word?

I love this picture and since I don't have my camera, well here you go. I found it on another girls blog! This girl was one of my roommates at EFY like 6 years ago, but she doesn't remember me. (I'm not talking about the girl in the picture, I'm talking about the girl with the blog, hohohoohohooo-Tiger???) She was in my ward last year and I started talking to her and then I mention that I thought she was in my EFY and she really didn't know me or even care. She kind of brushed me off. I was like totally excited that I'd found her, I guess I'm just not all that rememberable (haha). Kind of funny, huh! Anyway, during my blog stalking I found her blog and that is what brought up this little tangent.


cake decorating class

I started my cake class 2 weeks ago. Last saturday we decorated our first cakes. I'm kind of weird, but I love bright colors! I don't know why, but they seem to draw me in everywhere I go. Here is a picture of my beautiful creation. Mine was a little bit sloppy! It is supposed to look like an orange tree? with blue and white flowers????? Kind of my own creation I guess.
Olivia's cake was so perfect.

emma stuck her finger in it as you can see in this picture


no pictures :(

The battery on my camera has been dead for a long time. It is home, in Fallon Nevada, at my moms. I left it there at christmas and it has been very sad for me. I'm hoping I will get it soon. That way I can post new emma pictures, but until then I will just update on her recent adventures!

So funny...I love her tons! Whenever she gets tired she comes to me, with her blankey in hand, and says nigh-nigh and she points to her bed. She doesn't mind me putting her to bed at all. My friend Olivia told me once that her daughter Lola does this and I thought that was crazy. I NEVER thought emma would start, but she has and it is the sweetest thing ever.

She has also started saying so many different things in the last few weeks its crazy! Here is a examples,
bubba or bubble
Oh Shoot (the sad part is, it doesn't sound like "oh shoot", if you know what I mean)
dora (her favorite show)
hot dog
NO (her favorite word)
Eyes(she has actually said this one for a long time, but it makes me laugh everytime)
and many others!

She also loves to be my little helper. Today she put the dryer sheets in the washing machine. SO FUNNY, I LOVE IT!
We went out and played basketball with her tonight and she thought it was the funniest thing ever! She kept going nutz everytime daddy helped her put the ball in the basket!

She has always always always hated movies, but recently loves movies like Kung fu Panda, 101 Dalmations, Dora the Explorer, etc. She pretty much loves anything with animals!

Today we went for a walk and once again she made me laugh at how grown up she is. She took the lead and so I just kind of followed. She walked all the way across our apartment complex to our friends apartment and knocked on the door. It's crazy how she got there all by herself! It is not an easy task! You have to take a ton of corners and go around other apartments...I still can't believe it!
I love being at home with her.


Spring is springing or sprung...whatever, but I'm SOO HAPPY about it

today it was nice enough to go out and play some B-ball with dan and em. We had so much fun. Tomorrow it's supposed to be better and saturday its supposed to be in the 40's maybe 50"s! Woohoo, I am Excited for summer!

on another note....way to go adam lambert! I think he is amazing and he is absolutely my favorite. I just can't decide who I think he looks more like......
jason bateman?

zac efron?

or maybe he is just a good mix of both
WHAT DO YOU THINK? right now I'm kind of leaning towards jason bateman, but tomorrow it will probably change
I don't know why it pulled the link above with the picture! that's kind of funny though


? question ?

this really doesn't make sense to me. On my Apple laptop my blog posts look perfect, but then on our Dell desktop they are all over the place. RETARDED!!! I'm a little frustrated! anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful sunny day because we are totally enjoying it!

?????Oh and by the way...WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH JOAQUIN PHOENIX? I used to really like him as an actor.?????


the ANTICIPATION is killing me

I've been wanting to see the movie, Australia for sooo long! We were going to go see it in the theatre, but it never happened. I was sad that we never ended going to see it, but that's ok because.....It came out on video today!!!! The only problem is...Daniel has to work all night and I'm supposed to wait for him! Oh man it is killing me! what should I do. should I say too bad dan and just watch it or should I suck it up and show my husband how much I love him?!
All kidding aside, I really am super excited and I know I will end up waiting for him! I just can't help but be impatient. it's been a long time since I've seen a good love story!