new tricks

I'm finally back to finish my post! I've been so busy that I didn't have a chance to fix the pictures(putting them in order, changing the sizes etc.)!
Anyway...this is to funny! I was wondering how she kept finding my wallet. I didn't think that I was leaving it anywhere that was close to her reaching distance, but little did I know what her reaching distance was! :) Everytime I turn around she is on the table.


25 random things

it's taken me a little while to do this, but I'm finally just doin it! Thanks hanna, I will get even! JUST KIDDING-actually this will be fun
Lets just say my first 4 random things are the things under my new discoveries and confessions.
FIVE. I wish I could dance. My best friend dances very well and I just always wanted to learn! who knows maybe someday! don't get me wrong I totally dance with emma all the time, but I can't say it is a pretty sight!
6. I love fresh flowers. They brighten my day so easily. I told daniel that when we have a real job the only thing I really want is to recieve flowers, at least once a month, and I will be completely satisfied.
sEvEn. adding to the post above, I hope to someday have a huge garden. I'm talkin 5-10 achres of FLOWERS, grapes,WaTeRmElOn, cantaloupe, Lemon trees (hopefully if our future home permits), tomatoes(I love tomatoes), strawberries and lots and lots of stuff you find in a garden!
eiGHt. once again adding to the above comment. I LOVE watermelon! It is by far my favorite food. My parents always teased me when watermelon would go missing! If I could I would eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner!
niNe. I'm missing american idol and it is killing me! American Idol always helped me get through the end of winter here rexburg. I look forward to it. SAD DAY! I did get to see it the last 2 nights and I'm Really liken' the pink haired girl and KRIS! Has anyone noticed how the kid w/ the crazy black hair looks a ton like Zac Efron! He's the one that sang last on Wednesday!
10. "I see that you like to chew, so why don't you chew on my fist",haha too funny. I think I have watched Kung FU Panda like 25 times this week. Emma does not like TV or movies , but she loves this movie and just laughs all day long at the funny characters. If I had time, I would spend my day watching Emma, watch Kung Fu Panda!
eleven11. I think I remember hanna saying something about TARGET, but I would have to agree! If I had a choice of where to spend an entire day, by a long mile I would choose TARGET!
12. Photography is very theraputic. So this last couple of years I've been wanting to get more into my photography because I love it. I started thinking that I needed to make some money doing it, but the idea of doing it for money took out the fun for me. The last six months I have refused to think about making money with it and I have never enjoyed it more!
13thirteen. Everyone I know probably knows this about me, but I LOVE "little house on the prairie"! I hope to someday own them all. My sisters and I would have marathons watching it all day and those are some of my fav. memories!
foUrTEEn. when I was 8, my family lived in a garage. My dad hurt his back when he was a contractor. He ended up losing his business and we had to move in with my grandparents. Once my dad started working with my uncles doing dental work, we moved into the garage and we lived there for over a year. I LOVED IT! I tell daniel all the time that someday I would love to live in a garage. Those years are the most memorable to me!
15.the subject of CHILDREN. I used to want to have like 12 kids. As I got older that # has slowly gone down, but since having emma that number has dramatically gone down.
sixteen. REALLY WEIRD, but I love the colors Orange juice ORANGE and avacado GREEN!
17seventeen. adding to the post above- BOLD COLORS DRAW ME IN! I wish I had the guts to add bold things to my apartment, but daniel always ends up telling me I have I have different taste. I LOVE anything that really pops out at me. I don't know why maybe its because of my high school art classes???
EIghtEEn. I'm taking a cake decorating class w/ HEATHER and I am EcSTATIC. For the longest time I've wanted to learn how to make cakes. My friend Amanda C. took a class and she is really good! (amanda is just really talented so I don't know if I will be as fast of a learner, but we will see)
19. I love the CD the GARDEN by Michael McLean! it is by far my favorite spiritual cd. If I could, I would listen to it 24/7. The first time Daniel heard it he didn't like it, but I finally convinced him it is amazing. But thanks to my obsession he's getting sick of it!
Twenty. I'm doing this program called THE BIGGEST LOSER! It is kind of like the TV show. This girl in the ward started us on it and it has been really fun so far.
21. I am a huge multitasker, which really isn't a good thing. I start 50 different projects at once and it takes me months to finish anything.
22. I'm so stressed out about Master's programs. Daniel and I have so many options and we have to make decisions very soon. We have to inform schools whether or not we are planning to attend and which programs we plan to attend (part-time or full-time). It is so stressful because we have NO IDEA! It's so hard to wait for answers, but we are praying and hoping we will get an answer soon.
twenty-three23. I love cooking. It is a lot of fun playing with different things. I have to remind myself to keep trying things even if they don't turn out right the first time. For example, I've made my dad's cinnamon roll recipe about 10 times without much success. BUT... the last batch was very good and I was so impressed and glad I didn't give up. i can't say they were as good as my dad's, but I think to make them that perfect it will take years.
24.I'm not looking forward to being done with school. For the longest time I've been so excited to actually have an income and not be moving all the time, but NOT ANYMORE. I've totally changed my mind about wanting to join the rest of the world. I love the cheap cheap cheap performances, the laid back attitude, how close the temple is & how close we live to our friends(walking distance,which will never happen again), the amazing spiritual atmosphere, the most AMAZING teachers (which I am convinced we will not find in any other school!) I'm glad that we are going to be in school for at least 1 more year.
twenty-five.STUDENT LOANS!!! Dan and I have had a hard time not stressing out about student loans, but we've recently realized, IT REALLY IS OK! School is such an important thing and we've been told over and over and over that student loans are just one of those things you have to do! We are trying very hard to be careful and I know we will not have problems paying them back, mainly because they are government loans:) We have to say we've been blessed in so many ways, for example every year we get an AMAZING tax return that pays for our summer school. We are also so thankful for government programs that have helped us avoid a lot of debt!
OK Blah, Blah, Blah,I know!
I tag....kristan (if you are feeling well enough), heather, and nicole (if you find time between having a job, getting ready for baby, etc.)


I'm not very good at this yet, but i'm definitely havin fun playing around with it!

new discoveries and confessions

first of all I hope everyone had a wonderful V day!!! We definitely enjoyed it! We saw the movie "Taken". The action parts were amazing! We just weren't so impressed with the indecent women! I am warning you all, so proceed with caution.:)
Numero uno-I really DISLIKE scrapbooking. I love doing little crafts, but I've decided scrapbooking has never been for me. For the longest time I have been lying to myself about how much I LOVE to do it! Maybe the reason for this is every woman I know loves to scrapbook-maybe I was trying to conform. I don't know, but I really just don't like it. I like doing other crafts, but scrapbooking just is NOT intriguing to me. So I've decided to give it up...at least for the scissors, paper, gluesticks, tags, colorful pens part; but maybe online scrapbooking will be a different story! I like to blog and it's becoming more and more appealing to just make it my personal scrapbook. it's the perfect way to scrapbook without the headache, the mess and the tiny fingers, (emma of course) that I can't keep out of anything! Because I have decided to give it up. I feel as though I am gaining a lot of good for myself. I've had this dark cloud lingering over me because I haven't scrapbooked any of emma's things yet, but I'm learning there are other fun ways to put together keepsakes. I can finally let go of this guilt! YAY...he-he, ha-ha
#2. So the Schows recently filled me in on something! Does anyone know what G.O.L.F. stands for?
Gentlemen Only:Ladies Forbidden
Interesting Eh? Maybe I'm slow, but this is new to me. Now everytime I see a man golfing I will be thinking that he is sexist! HAHA just kidding
3.I don't hate the cold as much as I thought. I know I constantly complain about it to everyone, but I am going to stop doing so. This winter really hasn't been that bad and it is making me warm up(ha-ha that's punny)to the idea of maybe living in rexburg someday.
four-(This really is a confession.) I feel ten times better when I get dressed everyday! Because I'm home all day just hangin out with Emma, I forget to take care of myself(oops). I know I'm not the only mother/woman that does this, so DON'T JUDGE ME(as daniel would say)!



numm..numm..numm..this is emma new word for cupcake. She gets so excited and then starts saying numm...numm...numm so fast you can barely hear what she is saying! I think she has eaten enough to make it through the year without another one.

emma helped put the batter in the cups. she even helped take the batter back out of the cups with her spoon.

It was a fun sunday afternoon activity. Daniel even helped decorate. Can anyone tell which cupcake Daniel decorated? i will give you a hint...he put XO on the cupcake! (haha) he says that it is supposed to be XD for his springfield pistol, but we know better. He doesn't want anyone to know he loves valentines day!


our latest

This weekend we took emma for a little sled ride. I think she really would have enjoyed it had her dad not flipped her over in the snow on her first ride. I think her face says everything!