your emma update

NEW christmas PJ's!

Our first attempt at curlers

My 2 favorite people in the whole world

milkshake anyone???

this picture was taken a while ago, but it was too funny. Emma had this on her cheek for like an hour. My friend, Tiff, got it on my camera for me.

SO I heard that if you cut a mans hair short it makes them look less bald. So I gave Daniel this brilliant idea....but as you can tell from the photo I was wrong! haha (poor danny and his balding head)



Our Costumes:
Emma was the cutest boy lion EVER!
Dan and I were.....Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore girls (we went with what we had, but Dan was such a good Luke!)

Our ward halloween party was a lot of fun! Emma loved it except for her hat that she kept taking off. She was definitely the cutest boy lion ever. Dan and I made her costume, we literally got it done 15 min. after the ward party started. Saturday morning I started working on her costume, but there was something weird going on with my sewing machine! All day long I messed with it and finally about 1 hour before the party I gave up on it! Dan and I started stitching the whole thing. I think we did it in record time. It was a little stressful, but I'm just glad we were able to pull it off. As you can tell we didn't have time to finish the bottom part of her hat, but it worked!
The only sad thing about Halloween this year was that our ward boundaries moved and we were kicked out of the ward that we love sooo much. This was our last activity in this ward. We love bishop George and he has been such an amazing support to our family. It is very sad, but almost a little bit like an adventure. Our new bishop seems like an amazing man and i know we will learn many great things from him. One of the hardest parts of leaving the ward was the many great friends we will be leaving behind, but changing wards has never stopped us from keeping in touch with very good friends. We love the 75th ward and will miss you all!