Amidst the Stress...a little laughter

This last couple of weeks has been CRAZY! This semester is one of the hardest we've had here in Rexburg. Not because school is that hard, we just have sooo much going on! So to keep us sane Dan and I have been loving the "Can I have your number" video from MADD TV. The funny thing is we first saw the video like a month ago, but we can't stop watching it! Any time anyone says "can I have it" or "I love you" the quotes start coming out of us. At least once a day one of us quotes something from that stupid video.
our favorites
"My little croissant, my little cheese croissant" or
"Evon, Evon don't be insecure girl, work that updo!"
"oh oh I get it! ya bein' all selective because you wearin' a PONYTAIL!"
"Esscuse me, can I talk to you for a minute, I said ESSCUE ME, CAN I TALK TO YOU FOR A MINUTE?"
"Oh, I just wanted to let you know The back of your head is RI-DIC-ULUS" "thank you" "YEA, YOU ARE WELCOME!"
"Where's your boyfriend? where's your boyfriend? is he getting you refreshments? is he tall? is he getting you mike and ike's? do you like mike and ike's? is he hefty? is he comin' back? Where's your boyfriend? where's your boyfriend? where's your boyfriend?"
"So LISTEN..Um...Can I have your number? Can I have your number? Can I have it? CAN I, can I have it?"
"Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly!"
OK the whole thing is hillarious! If you haven't seen it go check it out.
Just to warn you, there is a little swearing. Sorry
my family loves this video
here is the link

And then on Saturday we watched the "Pink Panther" movie and we thought it was really funny.
The best part of the movie is when he is working with his speech therapist. He is trying to say hamburger! TOO funny!
Go check it out at Youtube


Two of a Kind

Dan and his friend Ben Fa'anunu have both been wanting Springfield XD .45's for a long time. Their "dream" finally came true. Dan made me promise to post it on the blog.

Yesterday, Dan went shooting with his good friends Ben, Nathan Cope and Jeff Monson to try out the new guns. Here are some goofy pics of Dan and Ben with their guns.

Christmas at Home!

My sister and her fam came down from Oregon

Emma and her Cousin Miley are helping make breakfast- or eating it.

Santa brought Emma a Barbie 4-Wheeler, but...

She liked her Cousin's chair better

And her cousin Brinley's piano