Dan and I have lived in Rexburg for 2 and a half years and we are realizing that a lot of our friends are going to be moving on. I am so thankful for cell phones and blogs.
This week is going to be a very sad one. Donald and Tiffany Jack, Whom we love and have been good friends with for the last 2 years, are on there way out of Rexburg. Donald is graduating this next week and has landed an amazing job as an accountant in Burley Idaho. We've spent many a nights playing games, talking about random stuff, staying up until wee hours of the morning despite their bedtime !), many gospel & personal discussions, root beer floats, tiff's history lessons, photography (tiff is amazing), Christmas in Burley, halloween parties, christmas trees, soccer games(donny is amazing), the bookstore, American Idol, pop ins and the list goes on and on. We will miss it all. When We first met the jacks We had just found out we were pregnant with emma and they brought us sunday dinner because I was so sick! That has been the kind of friends they have been throughout this last 2 years. I feel as though they have become part of our family and I know that we will stay in touch no matter what the distance! We LOVE YOU and We will miss you guys.

This picture was just too funny I had to add it!

And then...our new good friends, the Fa'anunu's, are leaving us as well. We met Ben and Heather Fa'anunu at a ward yard sale! They have been in our ward for over a year but because Ben is in the bishopbric in another ward, we are just getting to know them. We are so glad we finally found eachother! Oh man we have had so much fun with them staying up til 2 am these last couple of months. They share our love of the games boggle, nertz, and sequence. They are really fun and we are going to miss them. Heather is a Social Worker in Idaho Falls, so they have decided to move down there to eliminate commuting. Her knowledge about the Social work field is extensive. She is so funny. Ben is graduating with a degree in Economics. He is one of the greatest guys we know. He is hilarious too. We will miss them but plan on making plenty of trips to Idaho Falls to see them.

Back to moving on
We just had a ward split so we lost a lot of good friends (the Cope's)!
And now...we are moving, which means we are losing other good friends; the Conley's, the Davis', the Otto's, the Eves, the Danielson's and many others including all of our neighbors. We are moving into subsidized housing and our rent is going to be much cheaper. We hope to save some money for next year while we are in Grad School.
We will miss you all and we hope you all will keep intouch.


New Emma Pics

After sticking her finger in a light socket. Just kidding

Emma eating a salad

Emma helping set up the Christmas Tree



This year we were overabundantly blessed and we would love to share the fun we had. We did many a things....
Spent lots of good time with family
visited with friends
played many many games
stayed up until 2 in the morning almost everynight
i had lots of fun taking hanna and daniel's family photos
went shopping
SAW TWILIGHT with mom and kiley
Daniel met his neice Sophie (I met her in august)-she is adorable!
and we ate and ate and ate!
We love you all and we hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving

here is a few photos of the fun