sPeCiAl ReQuEsT

Daniel's sister, Hanna, & her husband, Daniel, are a wonderful couple. They've been married for 3 years and are strong, active LDS Folks. They've tried to have children, but found out, after trying many different things, that it will most likely never happen; which is why they decided to adopt. In Dec. of 2006 They were blessed to welcome to their little Family, their daughter, Brinley. They are both exceptional parents to their little doll.
We wanted to let everyone know that they are hoping and praying for their second child. They are working through LDS Services, but it can take a very long time that way. So here we are trying to get the word out!!!! If anybody knows anyone or anything Let us know! We've posted a link of their profile on LDS Family Services under our friends & fam column under ADOPTION SEARCH. Or you can go to www.itsaboutlove.com, go to profiles and type in DanielandHanna (no spaces)


Random Tag meme

I was tagged by my cousin kassi sorensen
1. Link to the person that tagged you! My links are not working!
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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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fIrSt- I can't live without lotion. I put it on at least 10 times a day!
sEcOnD-I'm a very bad nail bitter as well as kassi. when I get started I can't stop!
tHiRd- I love summer BBQing in the backyard at my mom and dads. It reminds me of when I was a child; Ridding horses, running through the sprinkler, all summer holidays, etc.
fOuRtH-I'm OCD about everything! I wash my dishes before I put them in the dishwasher & then after the disherwasher has washed them, I rinse them really well to make sure they're clean. I don't sleep very well because I'm thinking about all the things I think I should be doing. I follow daniel around all day and ask him to do anything I can think of.
fIfTh- I can't remember anything anybody tells me. I'm so spacey and I constantly lose things. I can never find my cell phone!
sIxTh-I love the early morning hours of summer! I love nothing better than being outside when the sun comes up. My favorite time of day!

I tag.....Sheena Shurtz, Holly Nelson, & kristan



This picture might be an actual picture of Joseph Smith. It belongs to the RLDS church, and just recently has been released. Daniel has seen this picture in his church history class because his teacher was on a select committee doing research for the church to authenticate it. After Daniel saw this picture in his class, he searched all over for it, but couldnt find it. His dad actually just sent it to him and asked him what he thought of it. Some people have been skeptical of the picture becasue they claim that Joseph Smith was a stockier built man. According to LDS historians, this picture was taken just after Liberty Jail so Joseph would understandibly be a thinner man at that point. Pretty interesting picture though. Daniel's teacher is 100% convinced it is Joseph Smith.


lOvE bIrD tAg :)

1. Where did you and your husband meet?
We met in good ole Fallon Nevada at a singles activity! Daniel thought i didn't notice him and that i was stuck up. i'm just a little shy when i first get to know people.

2. First thing you said to eachother...
I really don't remember, but the next night we hung out daniel asked me if i would give him a ride in my jetta because he had never been in one before. HAHA He is so sly!

3. What was your first date?
You'll never believe that we went shooting!!! Yep shooting. Daniel kept offering to help me shoot (he really was smooth)! haha That night we were with one of Daniel's friends and i found out later that they both liked me... they both were throwing clay pigeons for eachother and trying to make eachother look bad.
I have to add a little about our second date. We went to a volleyball game. When we first got there we were walking accross the gym to find a seat and I got tagged right in the head by a volleyball. I was so embarrased. Then Daniel took me to the temple that night and asked me if I knew what it meant to date a return missionary. Wow he was very forward! He was still a little in return missionary mode!

4.Where was your first kiss?
Daniel & I had been dating for a week when we first kissed! Usually we both would have waited much longer, but it happened and we were both a little surprised.

5.Long or short courtship/engagement?
We started dating in October, we were engaged by february and we were married in April!

6. Where did you get engaged?
Daniel brought ten cows(they were actually calves) to my house and told me I was a ten cow wife. Each cow had a bow on its tail. We love Jonny Lingo!

7.Where were you married?
We were married in the biggest little city in the world, in the Reno Nevada Temple. In Nevada it is very warm most of the year. We were married in April and it snowed that day. It never snows in april. Its a good thing we didn't have an outdoor reception.

8. Where did you honeymoon?
I had never been to Tahoe, so Daniel took me there. We actually stayed at a little ski resort called Squaw Valley. Funny story...Our first night there we went to a very nice restaurant that even had a piano player. Everything was so expensive so we decided to share a burger. They told us to sit at the bar even though i wasn't old enough to drink. We walked by the restaurant the next day and we saw a note on the door that said "Shut down for serving alcohol to minors"!!!

I tag...tiffany j, Olivia s, angela b, marilee, aimee d & kassi s


Em is growing up too fast!!!!!

Emma has had a very eventful couple of weeks. First of all she has been trying to crawl. She has figured out how to go backwards, but she gets mad when she realizes she is not getting closer to things instead she is getting farther away!
Emma is affraid of the bLeNdEr. Everytime we turn it on she starts shaking, crying and holding her arms out for one of us to pick her up. The funny thing is she didn't do that a week ago. Its a new found fear.
On Wednesday the 6th, EMMA said her first word, "mOmmA"!!!! We were so excited! Usually she mumbles mamamamama and the last 2 months we've been wondering if she has been trying to say hi, but she is really Pronouncing her "O" in Momma. So we can tell that she is really trying to say it. We're not sure if she knows what she is saying, but it is still so fun to have her trying to communicate with us! It is really sweet, but I think daniel might be a little upset that she said "Momma" first!
Everytime Daddy walks in the door emma goes nuts. She loves her DAD!
Daniel is so funny with emma and she just can't get enough of her daddy!