Dan's Urban Studies Zions Camp /Chicago Trip

Dan was invited to go to Chicago with the Social Work Program this year. He was gone for two weeks. The first three days were spent in Chicago, and then on the fourth day, they picked up 33 LDS disadvantaged youth from the inner city and took them to Victor Idaho to camp for a week and a half. A group of church members in Chicago started the Inner City Youth Foundation where they donate money each year so that these disadvantaged boys can go to Victor Idaho to camp out for a week and a half. They stayed at Dick Jacobsen's Ranch, (Sky Mountain Ranch)in Victor. Brother Jacobsen built a series of cabins in Victor so that boy and girl scouts and other types of programs can camp in nice cabins for free.
Dan had so much fun on this trip. He really has never travelled anywhere so it was cool for him. He loved working with the boys to help them out. He hopes to go again next year and if he does, the two week trip will satisfy half of his 500 required internship hours for graduation.

Urban Studies Zions Camp 2008

Dan's group of boys. He had the 12 year olds- they were the most crazy and energetic group but Dan said they were the funnest to lead.

The group had a spiritual fireside each night to help the boys. Each counselor took a turn giving the lesson about gospel topic that the boys could use.

The boys were kept busy with not only fun activities, but they also did 3 service projects. Here they are cleaning out a horse pasture for a non-member. Dan cut down the trees with the chainsaw and the kids had to pile them over the fence.

Bucking Hay at the Jacobsen Ranch

Pinewood Derby. Dan and the other counselors helped the kids make pinewood derby cars and then they raced them.

They went to the BYU-I ropes course and this is Manuel, one of the boys in Dan's group after jumping off the 35 foot power pole.

The group went to yellowstone and didnt see much until the end when they saw a herd of almost 300 buffalo. This buffalo was right in the middle of the road as Dan's van drove by.

The falls at Yellowstone park

The kids had a chance to drink goat milk right from the source. Some of them decided to do it. These boys were crazy!

Dan and Brad's Mountain man workshop. Each counselor had to teach the boys a skill. Brad taught the boys about mountain men and had them shoot his black powder rifle. Dan taught the boys about Native American culture and then how to throw tomahawks. Dan then had them do a competition and one of the 12 year old boys from his group beat all the other boys including the 17-18 year olds.


These are pictures from Chicago. Dan stayed there for 4 days.

This is the view from the Sears Tower- it was the tallest tower in the world until a few years ago when China built a skyscraper that was 12 feet taller. Lake Michigan is seen in the back.
Here is another view from the Sears tower. The Soldier Field stadium where the Chicago bears play football can be seen near the center of the picture.

Chicago White Sox playing the Boston Red Sox. Dan's first professional baseball game. He loved it!

This is Soldier Field stadium where the Chicago Bears Play football.

One of the highlights of Dan's Trip was to see the "United Center where Michael Jordan played Basketball for the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan is Dan's all-time favorite basketball player.

WICKED the Broadway show! I am so jealous that Dan got to see it. He said that he and all his friends tried to act tough like they didnt want to be there but by the end they loved it. He said it was so good. I am trying to convince him to take me to it next year in Salt Lake for our 4 year anniversary.

This is a piece of art in Millenium Park. There are dozens of huge peices of art such as this all over the park.

The Field Museum in Chicago. Dan said it was very similiar to the one in the movie "Night at the Museum". The T- Rex shown is the oldest T-Rex bone structure ever escavated.

Elephants in the Field Museum

Polar Bear at the Lincoln Park Zoo- one of the largest zoos in America.

Oprahs Studio

These boys are homeless. They make a living by playing "drums" every day in the City and people give them money. Dan said his group had to pass by the park every night on their way home and there were anywhere from 10 to 30 homeless people sleeping on the grass with no blankets or possessions. Dan even saw a man sleeping on the sidewalks with no blankets or warm clothing.

This is the International Hostel that Dan stayed in while in Chicago. It is like a college dorm with 12 beds in each apartment. It's cool because it's made for international travelers to stay for really good prices. One night your roomates will be from USA and the next they are from another country.

This is the Jane Adams Hull House. This was the very first Social Work instituition in the United STates. It was a must see for Social Work students. Dan was excited.

Hunting Season

Dan is getting so excited for Hunting Season to start again. He was sad that he is on track this semester because he found out that his duck hunting buddies Nick Conley and Nathan Cope are both off track and will have a little more time to hunt. Dan is also working two jobs now; he works at the University Bookstore and as a maintenance man for the Heartland apartment complex. He hopes that his jobs wont take up too much time. Hopefully I get to see him a little bit also!!



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Today is Labor day and Emma is throwing up. It started with me a little over a week ago then it went to Daniel and now it has reached Emma! Our poor little girl. I'm so happy that once emma is feeling better it will not be a threat to our home anymore. I still would advise everyone to stay away from us for a few days. We went to church Yesturday and I'm so sorry if Emma got anyone sick!
So because Emma has been sleeping most of the day I have time to do a few things on the computer.
IT SURE HAS BEEN A WHILE EH!? So Daniel will be posting his Chicago trip as soon as he gets a chance. He has been so busy with his new job at Heartland as the Maintenance man and at the bookstore helping them move into the new store. The new bookstore is awesome! It will be so nice to have a bookstore that big!