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enjoying every minute

We've had a very eventful summer! Starting in May, Daniel got his Masters Degree, Wahoo! He's amazing and I'm so proud of him. Of course he graduated at the top of his class! I know saying this will embarrass him. Someday he'll get used to my bragging.
For graduation Daniel's family came up. We were so happy we got to enjoy it with them. We didn't get, a single picture, of all of us! Why? I don't know.
This Pic is of Emma and her cousin Brinley. They're such good buddies.

This is the hooding Ceremony. The expression on his face is Priceless!

Can u see us?

This is Livee at about 6 weeks!

Emma has been such a good sister. So helpful. (except for the fact that she likes to step on her-still working on this one!)

After graduation, Daniel had a job interview in Wyoming. We were almost positive we were going to move there, until we actually had the interview. We knew that it just wasn't right.
Wyoming is so beautiful! This picture is of a train that had derailed. SCARY! I'm not sure if anyone got hurt, but it looked really bad.


continuing to... enjoy every minute

Here are the blessing pictures. I'm so glad we were able to do it in my home ward in Fallon Nevada. Not only did I grow up in this ward, but Daniel and I went to it for the first year of our marriage. Plus my sister and her kids were visiting, which made it perfect timing. It was a very special blessing.

Right after we got home from Fallon, Daniel got a call from West Hills Hospital in Reno Nevada. West Hills Hospital is a psychiatric hospital that Daniel had applied to. They wanted Dan to come for an interview. So we loaded back up and headed back to Fallon.
After his interview we knew right away it was where we needed to be. It was close to family and the salary was $15,000 more, a year, than any other job he had interviewed for. Plus Daniel would get to continue to work with Youth, which he LOVED!
We headed back to Idaho, hoping to pack and come right back.
About a week later they called and informed us that Daniel had the job. We were both so EXCITED! So we packed up and moved in with my family.
3 months later we are living in Fallon with family and loving every minute of it. We plan on living with the family for a few more months until we can buy a house or rent something. We want everyone to come live by us! The housing market is crazy because of all the foreclosures. Our friends just paid $150K for a $350K home because the bank was foreclosing on it.
Daniel LOVES his job and works with kids from age 5 to 17 who are struggling with mental issues, drugs, suicidal thoughts or attempts, or who are a danger to themselves or others. Dan has some great stories everyday when he comes home from work.

This is just a random picture that I love of EM'S!


still continuing to... enjoy every minute

We really have been enjoying every minute!
From Wiffle ball, to ping pong to bocce ball. We've had lots and lots of fun.

We've also been enjoying the horses. My dad and my little brother, Bryce, have done really well this year at the horse shows. Yesterday, Dad won a buckle (well sort of-inside joke). We're all super excited for the big Elko show. Last year Dad won a bunch of money! Mom is wishing she could do it, but she's been a little busy this summer. She hasn't been able to ride everyday like my dad.


We also miss babysitting Veva.

and of course we miss the silly girl down the road that has the same name as Emma!

here's a random picture of Livee about a month ago. She is ALWAYS so happy. I love it.

Em's turned 3. Pure joy was coming from this child!

This is Livee now! She is so much fun! It's wonderful having her in our family!

and of course my lil' bro Bryce keeps us laughing!