Finally Fallon Pictures

about 2 weeks ago we took a trip to good ole' Fallon and we had a lot of fun! I forgot my camera at the Jardine's, which is why I didn't get lots of pictures of my family-sad day! Tractor Ride and 4-H pictures are with my family!
Horsey rides! Look at that cute scruffy hubby of mine!


Getting out of the POT FUN!

SILLY DADDY and GRANDPA! They couldn't help themselves, pot hats are just too tempting!

Petting the BUNNIES at the 4-H show-Grandpa Reid was so excited to take the kids to the 4-H show. Hopefully he will do all of their 4-H animals as well! HEHE I bet he would LOVE that! Jokin, but SERIOUS!

UNWANTED tractor ride! "MOMMA I REALLY CAN'T SEE!" I'm avoiding at all costs cutting EM's bangs, (POOR EM)!

continued UNWANTED tractor ride!

attempted pictures of the jardine grand babes! 5 high maintenance girls-how do you think it went?:) We did our best! Look at how cute little sophie is! Poor Isabelle-she wasn't feeling well!

LAST, but definitely not LEAST- EMMA's PICTURE ISSUES. As you can tell she was having a hard time focusing!


MUDDY HANDS-funny story, EM hates hates hates getting dirty! I never knew girls become girls at such a young age!


sidy widy, the courtesy laugh, and this little piggy

So we used to call em silly willy, but eventually it turned into sidy widy!
I've never noticed this before, but our little sidy widy loves having pictures taken of her, well as long as she's not busy!
She gave me a few poses that were super cute!

Then she started showing off...She put the giraffe tail on her face and then made a surprised face, like she couldn't believe it tickled her face, even though she had just done the exact same thing 2 seconds before. She did it over and over and over. She was getting a kick out of herself.

My favorite part was when she stop thinking it was actually funny and started giving those fake courtesy laughs. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but she has the best courtesy laugh ever. Daniel has told me that Emma courtesy laughs just like I do when I'm not listening to him.
All of a sudden she notices that Ratatouille is on and she is done with her sillyness and courtesy laugh!

THIS LITTLE PIGGY CRIED "WEE WEE WEE" ALL THE WAY HOME! I'm not sure why she is playing with her feet, but it was definitely worth a picture!



HAPPY A DAY YESTERDAY! Yesterday was our 4th anniversary! I can't believe it. Dan and I have grown so much together in the last few years. I can't remember a time without him. I'm so thankful for my eternal companion. Yesterday he sent the most beautiful white flowers to our apartment! I was so impressed, he got me exactly what I wanted!



I feel so Rejuvenated and ready to take on the next 6 months. It is so true that it is so important for us to have General Conference! We, or at least I, start to become stagnant and we need a little motivation. When We here the Prophet speak the spirit reminds us that he is the Lord's Prophet. I'm so thankful we were able to enjoy it! I truely start to look forward to it when I realize the time is drawing near. I love being able to watch it in my own home. Up until recently I always felt badly about watching it at home, but Dan and I had a discussion and we realized how much better of an experience it is at home! This way we can put emma down for her nap and take good notes. I think it was such an amazing idea to bring it to our homes. I feel I get so much more out of it and I pay attention so much easier. When I'm sitting in church I sometimes start to look at the clock, mainly because my bum is becoming soar and my child is about to make me pull out my hair (it makes it hard to listen)!
Anyway, I know the gospel is true! I love the prophet and I KNOW HE IS HEAVENLY FATHERS PROPHET ON THIS EARTH! I love the apostles and holy cow are they INSPIRED! How could anyone not know the church is true when you hear them speak!

This is the prophet. I got this picture off of thomassmonson.org!

if you want to know more about the LDS church go to