dan is goin to the windy city!!!

Every summer, Grover Wray, the Head of the Social Work Program, chooses 12 hand selects 12 students to go to Chicago. This program is called the Chicago Urban City Youth Program. The group flies to Chicago and meets with 15 troubled LDS youth. They stay in Chicago for 5 days and get to know these boys. They also do some site seeing, and attend therapy seminars. Then they fly to Yellowstone Park with the youth where they stay at a Boy Scout Camp for 10 days. Each counselor (Social Work student) teaches classes to the youth similiar to merit badge classes, but more directed towards behavior modification. Daniel heard about the program and really wanted to go, but there is a stipulation that you have to be officially in the Social Work program to go. Daniel went to Grover Wray expressing the desire to go, and Grover said he's never made an exception before, but he loves Daniel, and so he invited Daniel to go. So this summer he will be leaving me for 15 days. Daniel is really good with youth so I think he will do a great job. I'm so proud of him, but i'm going to miss him a ton. Since we've been married we haven't been apart for more than 2 days! i'mHAPPY & SAD!!!!!!!!!!


american idol girls

Out of the girls we love Carly Smithson and Ramiele Malubay. They are both excellent.


american idol

WOW... American Idol is amazing this season, but we definitley have a few favorites! Our favorite after tonights performance was JASON CASTRO (kid with the dreds), he is amazing. I would buy his cd right now if I could. We also like DAVID ARCHULETA ( he's also really good). And we really like all of the rocker dudes!!HEHE Micheal Johns & David Cook! These are our 4 fav.'s so far!


For the last few months I've been hearing a lot of people talk about the Vampire books. It seemed like everyone had read it, so I decided I would give it a try. I LOVE it!!!! Everyone needs to read the Vampire books by Stephenie Meyer! They are so good. I read all 3 books in 4 days and each book is 500 or more pages. The first book is called "Twilight", the second is "New Moon", and the third is "Eclipse". The 4th book doesn't come out until august, but they are making a movie of the book as well. The movie has the kid from Harry Potter that Plays Cedric Diggory. Stephenie graduted from BYU, but her book is a top seller and very popular! EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ IT.


6 random facts about me

ok tiffany...now that you've twisted my arm j/k :) Actually I was also tagged a few times last year and never ended up doing it. so here we go....6 Random facts

1. I have a new found passion; I LOVE to rEaD. I've always really liked to read, but recently have found a lot of joy in it. I will read just about anything and everything. Last week I read 3 books and I'm hoping I will get 10 in this month. Daniel has always been a big reader and he kind of pushed me which is why I started reading! Daniel makes fun of me because I'm a slow reader, but none the less I still LOVE it!

2. In high school I found out that I love to Jog OUTSIDE! There is no better feeling then being out for a jog & pushing yourself as hard as you can. The Endorphines are wonderful. That is a big reason why I can't wait to leave Rexurg. With this weather the jogging season is only about half the year and it is hard for me to make it through a day without jogging. I miss Nevada!

3. I'm a hIcK! I grew up doing 4-H and I loved every minute of it. My Dad was very competitive and he loved doing it with my siblings and I. This gave me some great memories of spending time with my dad. In 4-H I won Reserve @ the Nevada State Fair. I also won Grand Champion a couple of times in Fallon. I won Reserve champion in Reno. I was in Round Robin for showmanship a few times. (Not that anyone has any idea what that is!) The best part of this is that I did pig (swine) 4-H

4. I was in the bAg OlYmPiCs. In high school I worked at Grocery store called Raleys where I was the Best bagger in my store. I went to reno for finals and got really nervous. I think I was the slowest bagger there. But I can say for 2003 I was in the Bag Olympics!

5. I absolutly LOVE HOT TOMALES! It is my favorite candy. Anytime I go to the theatre I have to have HOT TOMALES. This is something I got from my mom. These were her favorite candies when I was a girl and I wanted to be just like her!!!

6. I'm a pErFeCtIoNiSt! if you do it, I will want to redo it! Something I need to work on.

The FUN part....I tag...
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