enjoying every minute

We've had a very eventful summer! Starting in May, Daniel got his Masters Degree, Wahoo! He's amazing and I'm so proud of him. Of course he graduated at the top of his class! I know saying this will embarrass him. Someday he'll get used to my bragging.
For graduation Daniel's family came up. We were so happy we got to enjoy it with them. We didn't get, a single picture, of all of us! Why? I don't know.
This Pic is of Emma and her cousin Brinley. They're such good buddies.

This is the hooding Ceremony. The expression on his face is Priceless!

Can u see us?

This is Livee at about 6 weeks!

Emma has been such a good sister. So helpful. (except for the fact that she likes to step on her-still working on this one!)

After graduation, Daniel had a job interview in Wyoming. We were almost positive we were going to move there, until we actually had the interview. We knew that it just wasn't right.
Wyoming is so beautiful! This picture is of a train that had derailed. SCARY! I'm not sure if anyone got hurt, but it looked really bad.



The Andersens said...

Livee is such a pretty baby! I'm so excited to have a girl! Congratulations to you guys for graduating and for the job too! I can't wait till we get to that point but for now its more school. Cody is really enjoying his second year and it hasn't been to bad for Wes and I also. We are able to stay pretty busy and we do a lot of swimming:)Oh my adress is: 650 E Bonita Ave #1706, San Dimas, CA 91773

John and Trina Busch said...

oh wow graduated! John just started his masters. Its ok so far, we just miss him! your family is as cute as ever.