merely example

do you ever feel like going to church is merely example? When you've got a busy three year old and a new crawler it makes it a little hard to stay on track at church. I'm so grateful for those small moments when I do get the opportunity to listen; then my sister kristan comes to town with her three and I'm even more grateful for those small moments. (I'm sure she has less than me!)
There was a girl in our ward, in twin falls, that had 2 girls (2 and 12 months), her husband worked almost every sunday, but every single week she would come to church by herself. I would sit in aw and wonder how she did it. There was not a second when she wasn't chasing one of them down. She inspired me to want to be better. It's so true, how simple things can inspire and change people. Think about how simple the gospel principals are and still they're life changing.
This girl with her 2 girls inspired me, so who are you inspiring? A week ago in my homeward we had a mission farewell. I used to babysit this kid when he was little. The last time I babysat he ended up with a bloody nose. Maybe that is why it was the last time :)! I can't believe he's a missionary, crazy! Anyway, a few weeks before his farewell, his mother bore her testimony and she said that one of the reasons she got him to come to church was because my dad brought cookies to church once a month. (now if you've never had my dad's cookies you are totally missen out!!!)- I've never tried to make them because he just does it so good. When my dad brings cookies it's totally the sunday news around the church halls. His Young men Teachers are a lucky bunch! I'm getting a little distracted here.....anyway, the reason I mentioned this is because his cookies are the thing that brought this kid to church. Of course he's a good kid and I'm sure that my dad's cookies weren't the only reason he came to church, but it seems like maybe they had a tiny bit to do with it.
KNowing this totally inspires me to keep coming to church, not that I would ever stop:) The truth is we never know who is watching us. We never know what someone might be taking in from us. Our smiles might bring someone to church each week. The truth is it's just plain silent miracles. We've got to go to church and continue the silent miracles because they are life changing. This inspires me to know that even if I don't get much from the lesson maybe I'm doing something silent as well.
I was telling my mother in law this and she pointed out the fact that it's also obedience. SO TRUE. This makes me feel really good that every week I'm continuing to be obedient even though I don't take in every word.
The best part of church for me right now is watching Em's face light up when it's time for nursery. She loves it so much and we've NEVER really had to fight her to go. It is so sweet how much she loves her teachers. I'm so glad. Because she loves nursery, it's brought me to church on day's when I've been sick or not had any sleep the night before. What a good example she is already for me!

Mommies and daddies out there keep marching on, even if you spend the whole sunday in the foyer, ML or nursery. Remember you're being obedient and a shining example for your babies and those that are around you!


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Katie Koivisto said...

AMEN!!!! Thanks Kelsey for posting this... it gave me a different light to looks things through today:)I hope that made since:)